Improve your turns with the Balletboard®. A simple, effective turning board.

Improve Faster and Train Better with the Balletboard®

Ballet is a beautiful, challenging art form. Dancers who truly master their craft must first spend years improving their coordination, strength, and flexibility. The right training equipment makes a powerful difference in developing proper technique.

The Balletboard is effective and powerful enough for anyone who dances professionally. At the same time, it’s simple and easy to use, making it great for anyone who dances for fun. Consistent use of this turning board improves technique and strengthens the body.

Turning boards are used by everyone from professional dancers working on Broadway to 10-year-old girls working on their first pirouette. No matter what your skill level is or how small of a practice space you have, the Balletboard will help you go beyond your best.

How To Use The Balletboard®

The Science (and Artistry) Behind the Balletboard®

At first glance, the Balletboard looks like a colorful piece of plastic with a solid black stripe running along the top. However, much like ballet, the beauty in the board lies behind a deceptive simplicity. The operation is simple: Stand, turn and learn.

Turning is made easier which allows you to concentrate on other techniques. The Balletboard is carefully shaped to improve forms and techniques specific to ballet. The subtle curve of the turn board allows dancers to turn flat-footed without having to be on pointe. This shifts focus to arm positioning and spotting while also improving overall muscle memory. Lightweight and portable, the Balletboard is perfect for just about anywhere.

Made from a smooth plastic, the board can safely be used at the dance studio, in the home and wherever else you train. Even when spinning at high speeds the board won’t scratch or mar hardwood, vinyl, Marley floors, carpet and most other flat surfaces. Transporting the Balletboard is a snap with the included carrying bag. This soft, durable bag protects the board from other items in the dance bag. Also keeps away dirt and dust which can interfere with the board’s friction.

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Training with the Balletboard®

Turning boards teach the body to control multiple, fast turns with improved spotting. Turning is made easier thanks to the board’s smooth nylon surface. The dancer becomes free to concentrate on the individual turning components, with the option of being on pointe while effortless being able to turn.

Consistent use leads to improved turns, more focused spotting, a stronger core and correct arm placement. As you learn to adjust your center of gravity, you’ll develop the ability to perform increasingly difficult moves. Plus, confidence when dancing off the board is improved, which is especially helpful for beginning dancers.

If you’re a professional dancer or aspire to be one, you know how tough the competition can be. Those who train the hardest are the ones who land the jobs. You need to make every training session count.

Using a turning board as part of your practice routine will help you master the moves much faster than without. Propel yourself to the top of the class or into the next level of your dancing journey! This turning board can give you a powerful advantage.

Benefits You Can Expect From Using a Balletboard®

Develop better turns quickly as the Balletboard improves:

  • Spotting
  • Arm Balance
  • Core Balance
  • Speed
  • Technique

Built from sturdy, durable materials this tool is designed to withstand even the toughest training. The included carrying bag and the board’s light weight make transportation easy. If you’re not happy with the board for any reason, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Bring Out Your Best

The powerful simplicity of the Balletboard is designed to improve the technique of any dancer at any level. Consistent use helps transform amateurs into professionals and professionals into true artists. For both at home and in the studio, a turning board creates a better ballet.

Improve your strength, grace, and overall athleticism. With the Balletboard, you’ll have a training partner as dedicated as you are.

Get your Balletboard NOW!

Today only $19.99